You'll never feel the same about the beach or the sea! 

"One of the strangest and most compelling science fantasy novels you will every read" H.P. Lovecraft

Francis Stevens 
(Gertrude Barrows Bennett) 

An eerie classic, chosen by Forrest J Ackerman. Gertrude Barrows Bennett, the mysterious woman who wrote under the name "Francis Stevens" has been hailed as the greatest female fantasy writer between Mary Shelley and C. L. Moore. In a short period in the early days of pulp sci-fi and fantasy she wrote for the major magazines, including Argosy, and produced such classics as the highly regarded novels Citadel of Fear, The Heads of Cerberus, and Claimed. 6x9,  192.pp Paperback



Trade Cloth: ISBN: 0-918736-57-9  $24.95
Trade Paper
ISBN: 0-918736-37-4  $12.95

CLAIMH Claimed by Francis Stevens, cloth    
CLAIMP Claimed by Francis Stevens, paper